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Natural Healing Software Programs

Natural Healing main menu
$18.95 CAD
Natural Healing features a large database of 275 Afflictions with natural remedies (herbal, homeopathic, nutritional and other).
Also includes Charts, Diagnostic Aids, Tonics, Text Files, etc!
Download Now (7.6 MB)
Wellness main menu
$29.95 CAD
Wellness Software is our original program and a great alternative choice to Natural Healing!
Wellness features the main databases of both Natural Healing and Herbs (275 Afflictions and 540+ Herbs).
Download Now (9.2 MB)
Aromatherapy main menu
$18.95 CAD
Aromatherapy and Essential Oils lists aromatic oils and indications. Included are 107 Essential Oils, Base Oils, 38 Bach Flower Remedies, a Foot Reflexology Chart, important Safety Tips and general information.
Download Now (4.2 MB)
Cancer Educational Software main menu
$18.95 CAD
Cancer Educational Software offers conventional, complementary and alternative views and approaches to the treatment of cancer. The software also lists theories about the development of cancer.
Download Now (5.4 MB)
Herbs main menu
$18.95 CAD
Herbs describes 540+ Herbs and their actions. Search by common and botanical names. Also includes 100+ herbal photos, herbal health warnings, phytochemical info and references to the German Commission E.
Download Now (9.3 MB)
Homeopathy main menu
$18.95 CAD
Homeopathy lists 400+ homeopathic remedies and products (Materia Medica) by symptoms and by affliction. Also includes: Cell Salts and Reference Charts for afflictions of the Bones, Eye, Heart, Skin, etc.
Download Now (7.0 MB)
Nutrition main menu
$18.95 CAD
Nutrition includes 250+ nutritional therapy affliction entries plus information on Acid-Base Balance, Amino-acids, Antioxidants, Carbohydrates, Enzymes, Fats, Oils, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, Orthomolecular Therapy and a BMI Calculator.
Download Now (6.2 MB)

The Natural Healing Collection

The Natural Healing Collection ($75.80 CAD or $75.80 USD) includes the following 10 programs.
The specialized software programs can be downloaded & accessed directly from Natural Healing's main menu.

Natural HealingAromatherapyCancer Educational SoftwareHerbsHomeopathyNutrition
MyDataBank (MDB)Natural Healing Introduction (Freeware)Side-EffectsYoga Freeware

All software programs can be bought separately - but with the purchase of any four $18.95 CAD programs,
customers will automatically receive Free Keys for the remaining Collection programs!

Free Software for Download

MyDataBank main menu
$9.95 CAD
MyDataBank (MDB) is FREE with any natural healing software purchase!
With MDB you can maintain your own list of natural remedies, symptoms and afflictions!
Download Now (5.1 MB)
Natural Healing Intro main menu
Natural Healing Introduction lists and describes alternative medicine therapies from Acupuncture and Aromatherapy to Herbal remedies, Meditation and Yoga.
Download Now (4.0 MB)
Side-Effects main menu
Side-Effects lists commonly prescribed Drugs (1440+ brand name entries) by generic and brand names. Also includes side-effects of selected herbs and food items.
Download Now (5.2 MB)
Yoga Freeware main menu
Yoga Freeware includes yoga instruction, meditation exercises, asanas, yoga style definitions, etc! Awareness E-Book, Chakras and Yantras Software are not included.
more info...
Download Now (4.5 MB)
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