Introduction to Natural Healing

Natural Healing uses natural remedies to give the body the building blocks it requires and, at the same time, avoids the various side-effects, adverse reactions and problems which may arise from chemical remedies. This does not necessarily mean that the two approaches exclude each other. In some cases both types of remedies are complementing each other.

Natural Healing also goes beyond the treatment of disease, and places a strong emphasis on the Prevention of disease through positive changes in Lifestyle and Nutrition. And an overwhelming large body of studies, books and professional opinions agree: Lifestyle and Nutrition have an enormous impact in the development of a large number of diseases.

To maintain health the body must keep a certain Balance or Homeostasis in all of its functions and aspects including: Temperature, pH-Balance, Electrolytes, Oxygen-level, Water-level and so on. Natural Healing may also require a better insight into diet and the functions of the body. For example, a simple measurement of the body's acid-alkaline balance (pH), repeated throughout the day, may reveal some level of acidity. In this case it is important to know which food items increase acidity and which reduce acidity.

What about Diseases caused by Bad Genes?
A very small percentage of diseases are truly caused by bad genes. Excluding specific Gene Disorders, which are very rare and usually established at birth, most of the genes that have been scientifically linked to a disease do not actually cause the disease; rather, they only indicate a predisposition towards a disease. Fortunately, in order for these 'bad genes' to be expressed, a Trigger (such as a chemical or other trigger) is normally required, so it is very possible to Avoid the Disease by Avoiding the Trigger.

The Road to Recovery

Often it can seem that a disease simply jumps at us, unexpected and out of nowhere, so we look for a quick-fix magic pill to solve the problem. At this point, many of us learn that there may not be a magic pill and that regaining good health may require more personal effort than we are often willing to invest. So the first question to ask one's self could be:
Do I want to be healthy and what am I willing to do about it?

In case of lung problems: Am I willing to stop smoking? In case of Diabetes Type II: Am I willing to stop consuming sugar, sweets, cakes, white bread, alcohol and anything that wildly fluctuates my blood's level of insulin? In case of Gout: Can I drop the meat and embrace vegetables instead? Etc...

Once a decision is made to commit to the process a certain degree of self-discipline must be maintained. At this point it could be useful to start a notebook to collect all relevant information including what is good or possibly bad for recovery.

When to see a Medical Doctor and when a Naturopath (or a similar practitioner)?

Dr. Kroiss, M.D.'s Rule of Thumb*:
· If the disease is acute and perceived dangerous or when in doubt - See the Emergency Clinic. Any severe symptoms or sickness which arises suddenly or symptoms of unknown origins are best diagnosed and treated in a qualified Emergency Clinic.
· If the disease is chronic or cannot be treated with pharmaceutical products - See if a Natural Healing method may offer new hope.

Definition of Acute:
The Bantam Medical Dictionary: Describing a disease of rapid onset, severe symptoms, and brief duration.
Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary: Having a sudden onset, sharp rise and short course <an ~ disease>.

Definition of Chronic:
The Bantam Medical Dictionary: Describing a disease of long duration, sometimes involving very slow changes. Such disease is often of gradual onset. The term does not imply anything about the severity of the disease.
Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary: Suffering from a disease or ailment of long duration or frequent recurrence.

Most chronic diseases with no known pharmaceutical cure and often of unknown origins are treated symptomatically with a pharmaceutical product in order to help patients live with the disease. Such chronic and degenerative diseases are frequently well treated with natural remedies and therapies by practitioners like Naturopaths. Some problems can be improved with surgery (carpal tunnel syndrome and cataracts for example), however some diseases may not respond well to any treatment. But regardless of the disease, do not fall prey to the belief that there is no hope in your case because such belief is counter-productive.

The best treatment of almost any disease is to prevent it which may require self-discipline and changes in lifestyle.

* Dr. med. Thomas Kroiss Reference:
Heilung statt Pillen: Naturmedizin von A bis Z, 1999. München, Germany: Herbig Verlagsbuchhandlung GmbH.
Page 23: "Wann >>Schulmedizin<< - wann >>Naturheilkunde<<?" ... Faustregel: "Bei akuten Krankeiten zum Sculmediziner. Bei chronishen Krankheiten zum Ganzheitsmediziner."

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