Autogenic Training is a form of Self-hypnosis developed by Dr. Johannes H. Schulz, med. (M.D.) a psychiatrist and neuropathologist. It applies deep Relaxation, Visualization and Autosuggestion.
An Autosuggestion is a formula or sentence that is repeated to oneself in order to induce changes in psychological behavior, to strengthen endurance for a sports event, or even to reverse an affliction.

Rules for constructing an Autosuggestion:
The best Suggestions are usually positive, short, and constructed in the present time. For example, we must say "I feel better" instead of "Tomorrow I will feel better" because, for the subconscious, tomorrow is always in the future and never today. Any suggestion or intention for a day that can never arrive would be counter-productive.

How does Autogenic Training compare to Hypnotherapy?
Autogenic Training may work as well as Hypnotherapy but may take longer and require more commitment.

Conditions that respond best to Autogenic Training:
  · Psychological behavior problems;
  · Preparation for a physical feat (sports, etc.);
  · Psycho-somatic afflictions; and
  · as Complementary Treatment for any disease.
As a complementary treatment, relaxation, visualization and autosuggestion exercises may easily be done while in a hospital bed without risking adverse side-effects nor interference with the treatment prescribed by one's doctor.

Autogenic Training has also been used for Anxiety and Behavioural problems, Compulsive disorders, Endurance, Gastrointestinal problems, High blood pressure, Insomnia, Phobias, Stress and various Stress-related afflictions.

Proof of Effectiveness / Clinical Studies: A study confirming Autogenic Training's value for Anxiety and Panic disorders was published in "Medizinische Psychologie" in 1994. Another study by Aivazyan, Zaitsev and Yurenev showing Autogenics Training's effect on Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) was published by "Health Psychology" in 1988.

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